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Knowledge by our field technicians of HVAC, electrical and communication systems is very useful during asbestos and lead abatement activity.  We are able to avoid failures of those systems - or if it does by some chance happen, we are able to fix it there right on the spot.

Finally, to make asbestos and lead removal safer and in order to cut the cost of labor, our company has developed and is utilizing special tools (with metal carbides) and cleaning equipment.

Good work organization together with discipline, and the following of all EPA and OSHA safety regulations is our foremost concern.  Such standards allow us to perform safe and effective jobs at competitive prices to you our customers.
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Clean, efficient, affordable...
About D.R.D.C., Inc.
Environmental Inspections and Surveys:

- Preliminary inspection for asbestos and lead
- Bulk and air sampling and analysis done by licenced inspector
- Asbestos surveys

Asbestos and Lead Abatement:

- Removal
- Encapsulation
- Containment
- Repair
- Disposal

General Contracting:

- Reinsulation of thermal systems
- Fireproofing
- Post abatement restoration, suspended ceilings, 
 walls, floor tiles and painting
D.R.D.C., Inc.  has the pleasure of offering to the commercial, industrial and residential communities the following services which 
consist of:               
D.R.D.C., INC.